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In response to the overwhelming demand for a CSA program at Drummond Acres we are pleased to make the following offer in 2022 to our valued customers. Purchase a CSA subscription for the 2022 season online before March 31st 2022 and receive the following products for a value of over $200. CSA member receive PRIORITY food ordering-- meaning we don't sell to the general public until AFTER all our CSA member subscriptions have been supplied. 

Drummond Acres Community Supported Agriculture [CSA] 2022 farm membership. Purchase the 2022 CSA shirts or sweatshirts and receive the following farm products in 2022 [for each shirt or sweater ordered].

  • 2 dozen Free Range Eggs [$8.50 value]
  • 1/2 peck Apples [$15.95 value]
  • 5 lbs Organic Russet Potatoes [$15 value]
  • 1 lbs Hardneck Garlic [4 to 6 bulbs]- Heirloom German X-Hardy [$20 value]
  • 1 lbs Onions- Yellow/Sweet/White [mixed/match your choice] [$3.00 value]
  • 5% of discount on all produce purchased in 2021 [up to $125 off in 2021]
  • T-Shirt with Drummond Acres Logo for CSA 2021 [$15 value]
  • Free delivery on the Island for CSA members [$20 min order]

YOU GET ALL OF THE ABOVE IN 2022 FOR EACH OF THE CSA SUBSCRIPTIONS PURCHASED HERE ONLINE! That's over $200 in products and savings for food grown/raised right on Drummond Island. It's a great way to support locally produced food. We will be adding to this program in 2022 [depending on 2022 demand] and adding more even benefits. It's well past time for local communities to start becoming more self reliant and less dependent on the large grocery box stores/Big Industrial Agriculture. Food is Freedom and in a time of pandemic it pays to eat cleaner and more nutritious foods. By joining your local CSA you take the power back from the large grocery chains and return it back to your local economy-- WHERE IT BELONGS! A lot changed in 2020 and many people feel powerless these days but it does NOT have to be this way. My Dad once told me that "Life is Choices" and we can all start making changes to take back control of our lives. Health is paramount and it starts with good food.

Just wear the Drummond Acres CSA2022 t-shirt or sweater you order when coming to the farm. The shirt/sweater will be delivered right to you via USPS/UPS/Fed-Ex

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